City of Cockburn Volunteer Awards – Nov 2020

A wonderful evening celebrating volunteering in the City of Cockburn. Thank you City of Cockburn for recognising the YFC Cultural Cooking program and the fabulous volunteers who make this program so successful. Special thanks to our volunteers who were nominated for Volunteer of the Year – Anna Agnew and Huey Teoh. Congratulations to Cooby Cares who were very deserved winners.Thank you to the City of Cockburn staff, Mayor Logan Howlett, Councillor Lara Kirkwood, Cr Philip Eva JP, Councillor Chontelle Stone for your support and Cr Phoebe Corke for a wonderful presentation.
The event included a moving introduction by Marie Taylor and lots of Hawaiian inspired entertainment.


Multicultural Feast – Nov 2020

Well done to all the cultural volunteer chefs this year at the Yangebup Family Centre. An incredible display of multicultural diversity and joy of cooking. This is about sharing dishes we grew up with, or we may still be around, at family gatherings etc. It is about sharing love and sharing a piece of the world with each other.

A big thank you to Bunnings Warehouse Australia at Bibra Lake for donating these lovely pots of ‘Seablite’ to all our Cultural Cooking volunteers at the Multicultural Feast. Thank you to everyone who brought along a cultural dish to share. It was a special day.

And a what a joyful Multicultural Feast it was! Thank you City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett and his wonderful wife Pat, Deputy Mayor Lara Kirkwood, David Scaife, Linkwest representative Mihaela Nicolescu, Cr Philip Eva, Councillor Chontelle Stone for being our very special and supportive guests.

Big thank you to Aunty Neta Knapp for the Welcome to Country. Thank you Cockburn Chinese Community Association Perth South Dance Group for a beautiful performance and to Lora Bikic and Robert Bruce for the guitar performance.


Celebrating Miss Jo’s 10 years at YFC  – Nov 2020

On Friday 6 November we celebrated Miss Jo and her 10 years at the Yangebup Family Centre.

Anna Agnew, long time centre member and committee member provided the following speech;

Congratulations Jo on your 10 years at the centre. I know it will have gone by in a flash! So many children, families, activities and projects have come through the family centre doors and you have been a consistent, reassuring and welcoming face to so many people.
I first met Jo when I came to playgroup with my 1 year old son, he’s now 6! I was new to the area and looking for an excuse to get out of the house. Little did I know then how important Jo and the Family Centre would become to myself and my family. Jo made playgroup fun for the kids and so easy for the parents – making tea, coffee and milo’s for us all. Organising playdough, painting, cutting and gluing and lots of glitter activities to keep the kids happy and entertained. Encouraging parents to get to know one another and sharing advice or being a shoulder to cry on when things all felt a bit too much or sleep had evaded us for the week! Jo is always ready to give baby cuddles when new additions are bought along. She organises memorable end of term parties and Santa visits at Christmas – where all the children cry and the mum’s end up sat on Santa’s knee instead!

Jo, you have become an important part of so many families lives – here is what a few of them also had to say…

  • Playgroup was always stress free and gave you warm fuzzy feelings. Jo is always smiling and caring.
  • Miss Jo has always been a smiling, happy, approachable face at the centre. She makes my kids feel important and worthy of her time. Congratulations and thank you for the way you have touched our family’s lives and countless others.
  • The kids absolutely adore Miss Jo. She’s gentle, caring and always makes time for them. She keeps them enthralled during story time and gets them up on their feet and dancing when she sings. Her laugh is infectious and her energy is always positive and bubbly.
  • Miss Jo is ace and my girls just love her. She has a loving personality and a fantastic sense of humour.
  • No one can make a milo like Miss Jo! My girls love her and we all miss going to playgroup. I still sing playgroup songs when I wake the kids up in the morning.

I think it’s fair to say that you, Jo are a great friend to us all and we love you very much.  Congratulations!


Chairperson’s Report 2020 – Vision to InspireFinancial year 2020 will be remembered for the pandemic that stopped countries, supply chains, economies and health systems worldwide. Despite this, Yangebup Family Centre has a lot to celebrate and be grateful for this year.  Whilst COVID-19 change many aspects of our lives in the latter half of the financial year, I would like to acknowledge some highlights from the first part of the year.

The Empowering Communities program commenced on July 1st, providing much sought after funding and support, enabling YFC to continue the great work and develop new programs.
Yangebup Family Centre were nominated and received the honour of Finalist in the Linkwest Carmen Lawrence Award for Community Building which recognised centres and individuals that demonstrated effective community development practices, to contribute meaningfully to a stronger, healthier, more inclusive local community.

Long-term board member, volunteer and advocate for the Yangebup Family Centre, Ann Gerlach was named Inspirational Volunteer of the Year by the City of Cockburn. Ann was described as helping to shape an award-winning cultural hub where people can embrace diversity and belonging. We sincerely appreciate the contribution that Ann has and continues to make.

Members, volunteers, guests and local MP’s came together to celebrate the official launch of the new kitchen. Thanks to Sam and her teams’ tireless pursuit of additional funding streams to make improvements, the upgrade kick started growth in one of the most successful programs this year.

The global pandemic saw us rapidly revisit our business model to ensure we continued to provide valuable services and opportunities for connection to the community and our members. I wish to thank our whole team for acting so quickly.  The way that YFC was able to respond to the changing conditions, including social restrictions was outstanding. The team developed innovative new ways to maintain inclusion, deliver programs and engage with the community.

Through social media the team helped to minimise isolation and provide information that was both essential and compelling to assist our members through this difficult time. From the regular phone calls and buddy systems put in place to keep contact with the senior groups, to the YouTube videos for the Playgroup members, the dedication of the staff and volunteers in the new world was incredible to see. In particular the WhatsApp and Facebook groups created robust online communities, connecting people who share, respect and empower each other.

By May the centre had developed a comprehensive recovery roadmap. Plans were in place to keep all visitor and participants safe as the centre progressively reopened its doors to programs, workshops and courses that would help lead the community out of lock down.

It is with great pride that today we see the centre thriving and the community stronger than ever thanks to the tenacity, creativity and level of care demonstrated by Sam, her team and the volunteers at YFC.

Over the course of the year we also welcomed new board members who bring great ideas and skills that augment the Management Committee’s capabilities.

Fulfilling our vision to inspire, grow and strengthen community has undoubtedly been a challenge this year but by living our shared values of Connection, Integrity, Respect, Caring, Learning and Empowering can wholeheartedly say that we have achieved those goals.

Maria Quaggan, YFC Chairperson

Annual Report 2020

Committee 2020-2021

Chairperson – Maria Quaggan
Deputy Chair – Kym Maloney
Secretary – Laura Thompson
Treasurer – Tracy Pearson
Committee Members – Ann Gerlach, Veronica Kilrain,  Helen Redmond, Jacinta Rebola-Thompson, Rosie Miller, Kelly Hutton

Pizza provides avenue for men to connect – September 2020

As part of R U OK? Day, Yangebup Family Centre is urging dads, granddads, uncles or other significant male figures with young children in their lives to join in a special event that promotes connection and wellbeing in the community.

The Dads and Kids Pizza Night will be held on Friday 11 September from 5-7pm and will include a range of activities including construction and science activities, a giant Jenga game, a photo booth and face painting, as well as resources, information and support material.

Samantha Williams, Yangebup Family Centre Manager, says as a cultural hub of the community, the Centre wanted to provide an opportunity to support and encourage dads to network with other fathers in a relaxed environment, while spending quality, fun time with their children.

“The pizza night we are organising is a great opportunity for dads and grandads to meet other men with young children in their lives, within their local community,” she says. “Parenting can be challenging at times, and we want to get across the message that locals can find support and also ask ‘Are you OK?’ at our local centre.

“This event is very typical of the activities we promote throughout the year where everyone is welcome. We try to create participatory opportunities based around people’s interests and this has seen people form strong bonds and friendships within our community.

The Pizza Night will be held on Friday 11 September 2020 at 5:00pm at Yangebup Family Centre, which is located at 11 Dunraven Drive, Yangebup.

Jane Chilcott, CEO of peak body Linkwest, said that people who attend their local Neighbourhood or Community Resource Centre tend to be happier, more optimistic and have stronger friendships.
“Sound friendships are connected to emotional wellbeing, which is why our Centres play such an important part in the community, something we’ve seen particularly this year during the COVID crisis, where Centres have continued to provide services,” she says.

R U OK? Day inspires and empowers people to meaningfully connect with others around them and start a conversation with anyone who may be struggling with life. The day will be marked on 10 September 2020.

May Packs to 100 Families – May 2020

This year we are celebrating May differently by sending out packs to 100 families and encouraging you to use the pack to connect with those who may not have internet, social media or other ways to connect. For those who do not receive a pack we have a few available for collection from the centre.

This pack has been put together to celebrate Neighbourhood Centre Week and all the activities that normally happen in May. It is an opportunity to take a little time to send messages to friends and family and spend time with your child.

A very big thank you to our volunteers, Ann Gerlach, who put the card kits together and Kylie Young, who put all the packs together!


Ann Gerlach Inspirational Volunteer of the Year – November 2019

Congratulations to Ann Gerlach who received the Mayor’s Award for over 10 years of volunteering in the City of Cockburn and was also the winner of the Overall Inspirational Volunteer of the Year Award at the City of Cockburn Volunteer Awards on Sunday 10 November.

Ann Gerlach has been an active volunteer at the Yangebup Family Centre (YFC) for the past ten years and has made an outstanding contribution to volunteering at the centre and in the Cockburn community in a wide variety of roles over the past 15 years.

The YFC is a community managed not-for-profit organisation that promotes connection and wellbeing in the local community. Ann has been the only member of the committee who has remained a member for the past 10 years providing consistency, knowledge and stability for the organisation. Over this time, she has helped shape the strategic direction of the centre to become a cultural hub where everyone can embrace diversity and belonging. The YFC has developed over the last 10 years to become a leader in the Neighbourhood House network having won multiple awards from Linkwest and was a finalist in the Community Service Excellence Awards last year. The centre has increased programs offered, engagement with community, CaLD membership and overall membership.

In addition to her role on the management committee she has also provided weekly paper craft classes for the past 10 years. These classes provide an opportunity for local members of the community to develop social connections while enjoying craft activities. Ann has organised for over 2000 combat cards to be created and sent to Australian troops serving overseas so that they can write messages and post them to loved ones at home. She has also helped support other events like ‘Hearts for Christchurch’ and she provided 180 crochet poppies for the RSL display at Kings Park.

Ann holds a Bachelor of Science (Biotechnology) and a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and worked for many years in pure research before moving to tertiary institutions with science communication and outreach before moving into Environmental education and research for local government. She currently works as a desert survival instructor and venomous snake trainer. When she isn’t working, she regularly volunteers her time in the community.

For the past three years Ann has provided a series of workshops to promote Plastic Free July at the centre. Through these workshops she has shared her experiences and passion for sustainability. She has provided multiple workshops on how to make your own bees wax wraps, boomerang bags, cutlery wraps, produce bags and much, much more.  A community member who attended the Bees Wax wraps workshop went on to start her own small business selling wraps.  More than 250 Boomerang Bags have been created for the community. These are used to collect bread from the centre which is available every Tuesday and then go on to be reused by community members, replacing plastic bags.

Last year following the series of Plastic Free July workshops some of the participants were keen to continue sewing together. Ann has inspired others to volunteer their time to create this community led initiative. The Social Sewing group was formed and they now regularly sew at the centre and there is a FB group with over 70 members. They recently provided Boomerang Bags to Linkwest, the peak body for Neighbourhood Centres to use at their Conference in October this year.

Ann volunteers to provide educational experiences for children attending the centre by bringing lizards to programs and events, promoting awareness and care of reptiles. She is also very willing to share her gardening knowledge and bush tucker skills. Most recently providing lemon myrtle from her garden and making lilly pilly chutney from the fruit growing at the centre for our NAIDOC week celebrations.

She has been instrumental in raising money through charity events for many not-for-profit organisations. On the 3 August 2019 she held an event at the centre to support ‘Homestead for Youth’ raising $1500. In addition to charity events she has also participated in other activities such as the World’s Greatest Shave and raised $3000 in 2015.

In addition Ann has volunteered for the City of Cockburn by removing lost snakes from residential areas for the past 15 years. She was on the School Board of the South Lake Primary School from 2013-2017 including 4 years as Chair and successfully sort funding and created the community garden at the school.

Ann is a community champion who uses her skills, knowledge and interests to volunteer in the community and to inspire others to be connected and more involved in the City of Cockburn.

Congratulations Ann, you are a very deserving winner! Unfortunately Ann was unable to attend the evening due to a late change in flight times.  Jacinta, Anna, Sam and Jo had the great privilege of accepting the awards on her behalf and we will be celebrating with Ann when she returns to Perth.


Launch Event – August 2019

On Monday 26 August the Yangebup Family Centre welcomed the Hon Pierre Yang MLC, Member for South Metropolitan Region, Mayor Logan Howlett and his wife Pat, and Ms Katharine Longley representing Josh Wilson MP, Federal Member for Fremantle together with partners, supporters, community group representatives, volunteers, staff and committee to celebrate the commencement of the Empowering Communities Program and the official launch of the new kitchen.

After 27 years the old kitchen was looking tired, outdated and was no longer meeting the needs of our community. Through the joint support of Mr Josh Wilson and the Department of Communities we were able to upgrade our kitchen facilities. The new facilities will help us to support our community and provide programs that build capacity.

Since opening our doors in 1992 we have touched the lives of over 12 000 families with the financial support of the State Government. With the commencement of the Empowering Communities Program funding on the 1 July we look forward to continuing to provide opportunities for social connection and community building into the future.

The kitchen will be put to excellent use, with a range of new cooking related programs in the pipeline, including the recently introduced Cultural Cooking Program with volunteer chefs receiving Certificates of Appreciation from Hon Pierre Yang MLC on the day.

YFC Manager, Samantha Williams said “Through the Empowering Communities Program we will provide a sense of place, encourage people to have strong social networks and to connect with their community. This helps to keep them healthy, it reduces things like social isolation and domestic violence, and it enables people to have that sense of purpose in their community, to roll up their sleeves, to make a contribution.”

One example is the Social Sewing group which started around 12 months ago.  Following a Plastic Free July workshop we had a conversation with participants who had made connections and wanted more opportunities to sew together.  We now offer regular social sewing sessions and we have a Social Sewing Facebook group with over 70 members.  Over the last month the group has been making Boomerang Bags for Linkwest to use as Delegate bags for the Linkwest Conference in October. These bags were presented to Linkwest at the event.

We would like to thank and acknowledge the State Government through the Department of Communities for providing funding for the kitchen upgrade and for supporting the Yangebup Family Centre through the Empowering Communities Program and the support of Mr Josh Wilson MP and the Federal Government through the Stronger Communities Program for funding the new kitchen.


NAIDOC Week Celebration – July 2019

An uplifting occasion celebrating the theme of 2019 NAIDOC “Voice. Treaty. Truth.” took place on 11 July at YFC. The ‘Welcome to Country’ was expressed by Neta Knapp, acknowledging Whadjuk Noongar people; Neta also presented message sticks to YFC Manager, Samantha Williams and City of Cockburn Mayor Logan Howlett.

The community artwork was unveiled, created in November 2018 at our Intergenerational Open Day, with Neta Knapp and community members. It was a joyful moment and celebrated by Madjitil Moorna and the Koorlong team, a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people who sing in language to build understanding, hope and joy. The choir sang beautifully and presented some interactive activities where children were encouraged to sing along and play a range of small percussion instruments. All who attended enjoyed a variety of bush tucker inspired food.


STEM For Girls – May 2019

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). It’s an acronym that was coined to address the current and future shortage of skilled workers in high-tech fields. Thanks to funding from the City of Cockburn through the Cockburn Creates initiative and the support of community member, Sharon Tourtouris, the STEM for Girls workshops were provided by Engineering for Kids Australia at the Yangebup Family Centre and Meerilinga Cockburn from January – June 2019.

The STEM for Girls program engaged girls in STEM activities to ignite their natural curiosities and abilities in safe learning space where girls were encouraged and challenged, free from the barriers that co gender learning environments create.

Engineering for Kids Australia (EFK) provided an exciting curriculum that invited girls to have fun while they used their knowledge of engineering and science to design, create, and improve solutions to engineering problems.

Women tend to be under-represented in STEM education and training in most countries around the world, and Australia is no exception. In Australia only 28% of all qualified STEM workers are female. The early engagement and education of girls in STEM has been proven to counteract the underrepresentation of females in STEM employment later in life.

STEM for Girls program seeks to break gender stereotypes and engage parents and girls in STEM activities from an early age. The STEM for girls program has helped to build self confidence in the participants and empowered them to pursue STEM as an extracurricular activity and/or career.

A STEM for Girls Facebook group was created and now has more than 250 members.  Following the conclusion of the STEM for Girls program, EFKs will be providing STEM classes at the Yangebup Family Centre and Cockburn Meerilinga in Term 3 2019.


Chinese New Year Celebration – February 2019

A wonderful Chinese New Year celebration was held at the Yangebup Family Centre on Thursday 7 February. It was a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with the Cockburn Chinese Community Association (CCCA) who provided traditional music and dancing.

CCCA member Jess Jiang was very happy to support the event “Thanks so much for giving the opportunity to show more people about our amazing Chinese Culture”

Community members from the Connecting Community for Kids (CCK) Action Team provided decorations, food and traditional items to help us celebrate.  We had a fabulous turn out with over 150 people attending in red or traditional clothing to participate in a variety of activities including making chinese lanterns and lion dancing.

Tracy Pearson, YFC Treasurer and CCK member, really enjoyed being involved in the event,  “A fantastic morning at the centre and such a treat to experience beautiful dancing and hear traditional instruments. Thank you so much to the performers and happy new year to all.”


Intergenerational Open Day – November 2018

The Intergenerational Open Day, held on the 12 November 2018, celebrated the multifaceted layers which support the modern day family.  As part of WA Seniors Week the Yangebup Family Centre invited grandparents and the extended family members to enjoy a diverse range of activities. We had something for everyone. Health and wellbeing was discussed by the many stallholders present as well as opportunities to try low impact Chair Yoga classes and fitness sessions designed to suit all ages. Cultural awareness was a hands on experience with Aboriginal Artist Netta Knapp involving all to create an artwork for the centre. Children were able to participate in a reptile awareness presentation as well as explore the centre’s many child friendly amenities including the new bike track.

Aboriginal Artist Neta Knapp was inspired by the Yangebup area and involved all participants to become artists for the day.  With great enthusiasm and a fantastic sense of humour Neta, or Aunty Jenny as she fondly prefers to be called, encouraged all to take part in forming the foundation of the artwork which will grace Yangebup Family Centre walls.  The artwork celebrates the cultural diversity of Yangebup and the all-inclusive and generous approach Yangebup Family Centre extends to all families and people living the area.

Thank you to all who celebrated Intergenerational Open Day 2018, Aboriginal Legal Service WA, Agate Naturally, Bush Wisdom Survival, Child and Adolescent Health Service , Connecting Community for Kids, Neighbourhood Watch Cockburn, Helping Minds, Recoyle Fitness, Silver Chain, Home Instead Senior Care
WonderDust Creations, Yoga Seashells and a big thank you to
the community who celebrated the event with us.

Intergenerational Open Day 2018


YFC Outdoor Project – August 2018

The YFC Outdoor Project implemented a co-design process involving local community members, groups and businesses to plan for and implement a revitalisation of the centre’s outdoor space. The overall aim was a rejuvenated space that would benefit all of our members and community groups. The grant from the City of Cockburn allowed us to commence the planning of the project with funds of $3 603 provided under the Sustainability grants category for Stronger Communities.

Together we identified five zones;

Bike Track and Native Garden
Donated by WA Premix and Cockburn Cement in partnership with WA Natives in Rockingham.
A weeping peppermint tree planted in the play area creating natural shade.
Garden Beds
Bunnings donated planters and seedlings.
A shed was built in the play area to store outdoor equipment.
Nature play area
This area will be Stage 2 of the project which will commence once funds have been raised.

Thank you for supporting our project
Apace WA, City of Cockburn,  Cockburn Cement, Bunnings Spearwood, Flatout Concrete, WA Premix Bibra Lake, Chicken Treat Yangebup, Jason’s Painting Services, Freedom Life Church, WA Natives, Hon Fran Logan MLA, Cr Chontelle Sands, Cr Philip Eva
Nathan Abreu, Chiara & David Clarson, Ashlee Ricciardi, Maggie Zetner, Helen & Steve Redmond, Jason Prestney, Kevin & Marie Brand, Anna Cooper, Andrew & Anna Agnew, Jenna & Darren Rosier, Enzo Ricciardi, Catherine Abreu, Marissa D’Andrea, Ilsa Chapman, Sean McGillivray, Steve Djamil, Josh Webber, Greg Hudson, Charmaine & Kiara Fatin, Wendy Maher.

YFC Outdoor Project Case Study


Finalist in the 2018 Community Services Excellence Awards – May 2018

The Yangebup Family Centre was honoured to be a Finalist in the 2018 Community Services Excellence Awards. The awards recognise the positive difference organisations are making to the lives of individuals, families or communities through collaborative, innovative and creative programs or services.
Community Services Minister Simone McGurk announced the finalists in the 19th Community Services Excellence Awards. Ms McGurk said, “The range of projects and activities contained within these nominations is inspiring and great news for thousands of Western Australians who rely on the sector for so much guidance, support and life-affirming opportunities.”
There are eight categories, that recognise individual achievements. The Yangebup Family Centre is a finalist in Category 1 – Small organisation.
The 2018 Community Services Excellence Awards are presented by WACOSS in partnership with the Department of Communities.

Yangebup Family Centre Finalist in the 2018 Community Services Excellence Awards – April 2018
The Yangebup Family Centre is honoured and excited to be a Finalist in the 2018 Community Services Excellence Awards. The awards recognise the positive difference organisations are making to the lives of individuals, families or communities through collaborative, innovative and creative programs or services.

Community Services Minister Simone McGurk announced the finalists in the 19th Community Services Excellence Awards.  Ms McGurk said, “The range of projects and activities contained within these nominations is inspiring and great news for thousands of Western Australians who rely on the sector for so much guidance, support and life-affirming opportunities.”

A total of 31 outstanding organisations and individuals in Western Australia’s community services sector have been announced as finalists in the 2018 Community Services Excellence Awards.
Finalists in the biennial awards included family, legal, advocacy, Aboriginal, mental health, and youth organisations, which had made a significant contribution in the community services sector. There are eight categories, including two new categories that recognise individual achievements.

The Yangebup Family Centre is a finalist in Category 1 – Small organisation. The Yangebup Family Centre is a community managed not-for-profit organisation that promotes connection and wellbeing in the local community. The centre is a cultural hub where children, families, individuals and seniors can embrace diversity and belonging. We build capacity through our flourishing community groups, collaborative partnerships and strong relationships with residents and stakeholders for over 25 years.

YFC Manager, Samantha Williams was very excited to be a Finalist “We are very proud of our achievements and the difference we make in providing a cultural hub and a safe inclusive environment for our culturally diverse community to share and support each other where everyone is welcome.”

The winners will be announced on May 2 at the 2018 Western Australian Council of Social Service (WACOSS) conference, of which the State Government is a Platinum sponsor.
In 2017-18, the State Government is providing $755,832 to WACOSS for sector support activities.  The 2018 Community Services Excellence Awards are presented by WACOSS in partnership with the Department of Communities.



Lantern CNY 2018Celebrating Chinese New Year in Cockburn – February 2018

The Yangebup Family Centre hosted a Chinese New Year celebration as part of the Connecting Community for Kids Celebrate Culture Cockburn Action Team initiative.  The festival was an opportunity for the whole community to come together and experience Chinese culture and traditions.
Over one hundred people came along to enjoy spring rolls, traditional love letter crepes and to find their luck in a fortune cookie. Children were busy making paper Chinese lanterns, crafting Chinese animal signs from playdough, dressing in cultural attire and learning how to use chopsticks. A few kids braved the Chinese lion and loved banging the drums and cymbals. Attendees were able to discover their own animal sign and learn of the character traits. Each family was handed a red envelope of lucky money (gold foil covered chocolate) as they departed to signify good fortune and positive wishes for the Lunar New Year.
Huey Teoh, Action Team Community Champion and regular attendee at Yangebup Family Centre was so pleased to see so many people enjoying the atmosphere, “I was very excited to have the opportunity to share my Chinese culture with others in my community.”
Samantha Williams, Centre Manager at Yangebup Family Centre added “it was great to see so many people come along to celebrate Chinese New Year and learn about the traditions.”
The Celebrate Culture Cockburn Action Team is one of eight volunteer groups working with Connecting Community for Kids to implement projects in Cockburn and Kwinana. The goal of the Action Team is to promote and celebrate the vibrant cultures in the Cockburn community and provide a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all.
Huey CNY 2018

Linkwest AwardsYangebup Family Centre receives top honours – September 2017

The Yangebup Family Centre has been recognised for its hard work taking out two awards at the 2017 Linkwest Conference for Inclusion and Sustainability.

The awards honour the work undertaken by Linkwest member Centres and the positive difference they have made within their communities over the past 24 months. The winners of the Linkwest Awesomeness Awards 2017 were announced at a celebration lunch, held on the final day of the Belonging conference.

The Inclusion Award is given to the Centre that has made an outstanding contribution to supporting diversity and fostering inclusion.
The Yangebup Family Centre has actively sought greater engagement with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse members of our community.  In partnership with the City of Cockburn, the Centre has established and successfully run the Women of the World program, a community support group for women who have moved to Perth from interstate and overseas.  The program has led to a range of successful events and programs, and as a result, many linkages and friendships have been formed, and the confidence of participants has blossomed.
The Sustainability Award recognises the Centre that has demonstrated commitment to the development of initiatives that improve the short and long term sustainability of their organisation.
The Yangebup Family Centre has shown that a clear shared vision, planning for meaningful outcomes and galvanising the community, makes for a vibrant Centre. With a vision for diversity, Yangebup has encouraged new members from its community by arranging thoughtful events and providing a warm welcome to all. The Centre’s Suq Al‘usra Family Market, and Harmony Day were two major events.  This year the Centre also celebrates 25 years of serving the Yangebup and surrounding communities.
Treasurer, Samara Jelinek, was also a finalist for the Volunteer of the Year award recognising her outstanding voluntary contribution that has made a positive impact on the Centre and our community.


past members

Yangebup Family Centre celebrates 25 years in the Community – August 2017

There was a break in the weather just in time for a special Community Open Day held to celebrate the Yangebup Family Centres 25th Anniversary.
Special guests including Hon Simone McGurk (Minister for Communities), Hon Dr Carmen Lawrence (former Premier), Hon Fran Logan (Minister and Member for Cockburn) and Mayor Logan Howlett (City of Cockburn) mixed with locals, past members, committee members, staff, partners and volunteers for a day of celebration.
The Leeming Area Band Clarinet Ensemble and Choir4kids provided entertainment.  There were a host of activities for the kids including henna, face painting, reptile handling, karaoke and a bouncy castle. A wide range of community stalls provided local information which included Neighbourhood Watch, resident associations, Little Athletics, Girls Brigade, City of Cockburn Family and Support services, Connecting Communities for Kids and centre groups like Crafternoon Tea and our seniors group, the Yangebup Leisure Group.
A special presentation was held with Minister McGurk and Dr Lawrence presenting awards of recognition to past members of the Yangebup Family Centre.  Minister McGurk said “Centres like this really are the pulse of the local community and, from a State Government point of view, we recognise that and we want to do all that we can to continue to support centres like this. “
The Yangebup Family Centre welcomed Dr Lawrence back to the centre after originally opening the centre on the 14 August 1992 as part of a government initiative to invest in a program that would be good for the long term.  Dr Lawrence said ” They work extremely well. The education of children, play opportunities, the connection of parents, the reduction of isolation, the place for people to come and do other things. These were all our goals and I’ve seen them realised in spades.  That small investment all those years ago, and frankly the small investment today still on a recurrent basis, produces outcomes that I think we should never underestimate. “
Over the years the programs provided at the Yangebup Family Centre have changed as the community has evolved.  From Tai Chi to Facebook for Beginners, from the Country Women’s Association to Women of the World.  The centre currently provides a home to 14 regular groups and a wide range of workshops with around 500 families attending regularly.  Dr Lawrence added,” This is not about service delivery, this is about community building community participation.”
Yangebup Family Centre Manager, Samantha Williams said, “The Yangebup Family Centre is a cultural hub where everyone is welcome. Today’s celebrations are a true reflection of our commitment to supporting the local community, and we want to ensure that the Yangebup Family Centre continues to provide a place for community, where everyone can belong.”

Watch Hon Dr Carmen Lawrence speak at the YFC Open Day


Suq Al’usra promotes Belonging – May 2017
The Yangebup Family Centre was buzzing on Friday 5 May with almost 300 people attending the Suq Al’usra Family Market. ‘Suq Al’usra’ is arabic for ‘Family Market’ and was chosen to celebrate the cultural heritage of staff member, Salma Al Saliby, who is originally from Jordan.
The Suq Al’usra Family Market was proudly supported by Linkwest who provided $500 as part of the Neighbourhood House Week celebrations.  Neighbourhood House Week, is a nationwide initiative to celebrate the role of neighbourhood centres in the community. A common thread that runs through every one of the 1000+ Centres across Australia (with over 150 in WA) is their inclusive nature: anyone and everyone is welcome, and members of the community are encouraged to help in the Centre’s organisation, management and use. All this makes Neighbourhood Centres like the Yangebup Family Centre real hubs of their community, places where friendships are formed and nurtured, and where people of all ages and all walks of life can really feel that they belong.
In 2017, Neighbourhood House Week celebrates this sense of Belonging. Neighbourhood Centres belong to the community, and in turn they offer the community a welcoming space where they can feel a part of something: a place to belong.
Yangebup Family Centre Manager, Samantha Williams, said that the Suq Al’usra Family Market was a great opportunity for the local community to come together.  ‘There was a great atmosphere with live music, food and entertainment. The henna and ‘turbans and trust’ were very popular.  Turbans and trust tie turbans on for people to wear during the event to experience something new. It was also an excellent opportunity to talk with people from our community’.
The Family Centre provides children’s programs including playgroup, kindy and occasional care, in addition to programs for seniors and parents in the community.


Art represents diversity of Cockburn – September 2016
The Totem Poles at the Yangebup Family Centre have been upgraded to create a welcoming entrance reflecting the cultural diversity of the Cockburn community.
The City of Cockburn provided a Cultural Grant of $3 860 to the Yangebup Family Centre to replace the original Totem Poles which had been badly damaged by termites.  Jahne Rees, the original artist who assisted with the creation of the Totem Poles in 2008, was commissioned for the new community art project.
Jahne worked with the Women of the World, a multicultural women’s group that meets at the Yangebup Family Centre, to bring the Totem Poles back to life. The participants designed and painted three poles representing the flora, fauna and landscapes of their native countries.  With the final totem pole, Yangebup Family Centre members were invited to write ‘welcome’ and ‘hello’ in their native languages.  The children that attend the centre then had great fun adding their handprints to the Totem Poles.
The result is a vibrant art piece that celebrates cultural diversity as well as being a celebration of the individuals and families that attend the centre.  Yangebup Family Centre Manager, Samantha Williams, feels that this community art project has brought members of the centre together to create a welcoming outdoor area which will encourage others to attend the centre.  “We are creating a vibrant centre that is a hub for the local community to come together and everyone is welcome,” she said.
City of Cockburn Family Support Co-ordinator, Alexandra Barker, said the Women of the World group is made up of culturally diverse women and their families and the artwork that now adorns the poles is representative of that diversity and of the diversity of the Cockburn community.  “The poles are a joyful and bright welcome to the Yangebup Family Centre and represent those who use the centre and their families,” she said.